Pure One: activities and achievements of the brand

Before creating Pure One we were not connected with fashion. Nina worked in finances, Marina in Marketing and organising events such as a conference on ecology, the biggest festival on healthy living etc.

We were always concerned about environmental issues.

We wanted to create a project with a meaning and to create clothes with the story behind, so that a person who wears it, feels happiness and confidence that he caused no harm to the planet and not a single life.

We didn't want anyone to choose between beauty and eco-friendliness.

And decided to create clothes that are elegant as well as sustainable.

We started to search for the most environmentally friendly solutions with a goal to create eco-friendly clothes with a huge social impact, with respect to women who wear it, with respect to the nature and all people who create it.


It was a long and exciting way. We communicated with hundreds of manufacturers around the world, studied the conditions of their work and checked the certificates of organics.

We passed several courses on sustainable fashion, visited largest exhibitions in Munich and London and selected the best partners which could guarantee environmental friendliness of fabrics at all stages of production and safety for the skin and the environment.

We wanted to provide local women with work, that's why for the ready clothes production we found the factory near Kyiv to control the quality and working conditions of seamstresses personally.


We call our style conscious elegance and prove that sustainable clothes can be exclusive and beautiful.


We use only certified organic and eco-friendly fabrics: organic cotton, organic peace silk, recycled silk, hemp, Tencel, ethical wool etc. In our nearest collections you will also find ramie, vegan wool, fabrics made of bananas, soy-beans, oranges, cactuses, mycelium etc.

All our fabrics are ethically sourced and biodegradable.

We don't use polyester, even recycled, because it takes hundreds of years to decompose and can lead to microfibres escaping into the environment.

We are constantly exploring the latest innovations to make our products more sustainable and our world better.


We create clothes for conscious and elegant women, 24-40 y.o.

They are inspiring women who change the world by their inner light, kind deeds and true values.

They want to be confident that choosing the clothes they cause no harm to the planet and any single life.

Price range:
100 euro - 500 euro


Pure One is available on etsy, fcocos, MUSA, designer2buyer

In the nearest time we'll appear on ecofashionlabels, STAIY., Kool&Conscious, Yuugen, twiin.co, Toward, Boundarie_, Veo World etc.


This year we studied sustainable fashion deeply, visited two exhibitions in Munich and London, worked hard to make our clothes more sustainable and qualitative and to find best fabrics suppliers with mutual values.

We gave several interviews, one of them on TV, we were published in magazines, partnered with lots of sustainable marketplaces, web portals and companies.

We gave several lecturers about sustainable fashion, conscious living and innovations in textile industry.

We organised several photoshoots in Ukraine, Portugal and Mallorca.

We were invited to participate with our clothes in the Sustainable Fashion Week in Edinburgh this May, but it was postponed for September.

We are invited to the Sustainable Fashion Week in Cambridge as lecturers. It will be held in October.

But the most important thing we got acquainted with lots of wonderful, inspiring and conscious people around the world!