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Be kind, be conscious, be pure one!

AHIMSA collection

The recent Pure One's collection is called Ahimsa and includes elegant, sustainable and ethical clothes made of organic cotton (GOTS), organic peace silk (GOTS), hemp and Lyocell.

This collection was inspired by a way of thinking called Ahimsa, that means respect for all living things, universal love and compassion. It is being non-violent in thought and action, in body and soul.

In Pure One clothes such images are revealed:
- sensitivity - through thin delicate tissues and shapes,
- naturalness through various textures of silk and cotton, as well as elements of embroidery.

The embroidered wave reminds of organic plant fibers, symbolizes endless movement, purification, transformation. Embroidered silkworm butterfly on a jacket reminds that the world also breathes alive, and should be protected.