Banana silk

Great benefits of banana silk

1. While an average person consumes 12 kg of banana a year, there are billions of kilos of banana stems that are thrown away. This waste, when channelized into making textile fabrics, not only leads to a more judicious use of the entire plant but also drastically reduces waste.

2. Banana farmers now have an additional source of income to sustain themselves. Instead of selling just the banana fruit like they did earlier, they can now also sell its stem for textile fabrics.

3. Petroleum-based fibers like nylon, polyester and acrylic or even natural fibers like cotton require copious amounts of non-renewable resources and chemicals for their production which does more irreversible damage to the planet than it does any good. Banana stem fabric eases the pressure on the environment's resources and requires very little water to grow thereby promoting sustainable living.

4. Banana fabric is completely biodegradable and is quoted as one of the most durable fabrics to exist.

5. Clothes made out of this fabric are soft, supple and allow for easy breath ability. It absorbs moisture, keeping you cool on hot summer days.

The Pure One kimono contains 65% banana fibre and 35% peace silk

In the ordinary production 6,000 cocoons with silkworms are boiled together to produce 1 kg of silk.

For the production of peace silk, the producer waits until the silk worms emerge as beautiful moths, continue their lifecycle and only then gathers the cocoons for silk production.